Become a Member/Owner

As an owner of the Farm2Table Co-op and Café, you will receive:

10% discount on Kiosk purchases

15% off retail prices for all items you order from UNFI

monthly e-newsletter

first notice of special offers

Voting privileges

Board member eligibility

supporting a local downtown business and local farmers

Joy and satisfaction of shopping where you own the store!

A full fair share at Farm2Table Co-op and Café is $200 – that means lifetime membership! You can also join for the lowest rate of $25 per year and build your equity over time. Regardless of the equity level you start at, after your first payment, the benefits begin!

Sign up today and receive:

Yard sign

Membership Packet with ordering information enclosed

Reusable shopping bag

Download our owner/membership application to join the fun!

Owner/membership application