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About Us

Farm2Table Co-op supports those who seek health in themselves, their community, and their planet. We provide daily access to locally produced, organic, and environmentally friendly products and services – as well as nationally sourced whole food options – at affordable prices.


Membership is required to purchase goods at Farm2Table Co-op. As a member/owner, you'll receive discounts and see the savings!

What's a co-op?

Co-operatives (co-ops) are businesses based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, and solidarity. They support a community by offering opportunities for connectedness, belonging, and fellowship.

As the name implies, a co-op is a business owned by the members. Membership involves the purchase of shares in the co-op, which then provides members with benefits – special discounts on goods, dividends, and voting rights, to name a few.

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